Price list – apartment Kokrháč

The appartment is not offerd for booking any more. Thank you for your understanding.


Terms and Conditions

Deposit: On arrival at the apartment house there is a deposit of CZK 2,000 per apartment. The deposit serves to cover lost, broken or damaged inventory items. The deposit may also be curtailed for gross violation of the rules of the house (eg interruption of night rest, non-clearance of the apartment by the specified time, etc.).

Rent: Entitlement to the apartment on the day of arrival is only in the afternoon (14: 00-19: 00). On departure day the apartment is handed over until 10:00.

Payment terms: 50% deposit from the rental price, within 7 days of order confirmation. A surcharge for the whole price is due within 14 days prior to renting the apartment. In case of a contractual relationship in less than 14 days prior to renting the apartment, the customer is obliged to pay 100% of the price upon confirmation of the order.

Basic Customer Obligations:
Follow the rules valid in the apartment house. In the cae of a violation of the house rules of an apartment house, it may be excluded, losing entitlement to additional rent as well as the right to reimbursement of unused services.

Make immediate payment on site for any damage caused to the rented apartment.

Cancel fees:
• cancellations between 14 and 7 days before arrival: 50% of the total price
• Cancellation in period of 6 or less days before the stay: 100% of the total price
If the customer does not start renting an apartment without prior notice, the tenant is entitled to the full rental price.
In the event that the customer arbitrarily cancels part of his rental during the lease, he is not entitled to any financial compensation.
If the customer requires a change of lease to a different term in less than 14 days prior to the arrival and the lessee can do so, the customer is obliged to pay a fee of CZK 500.